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About your Seeds

     Included in your box are a few beautiful seeds that you can plant to help pollinate the world. You have a flower called Sunflower Sunspot, which is one of the easiest flowers to grow.  It is an annual dwarf yellow sunflower that will grow to between 24-36 inches in height.

     The seeds are non gmo and come protected in a biodegradable and compostable bag.  


Planting Instructions


Plant the seeds directly into the garden or in containers - it's best to plant in late spring or early summer after the last frost has ended.​

Plant seeds 6" apart and with about 1/2" depth.​

Water newly planted seeds frequently.​

Once sprouts have occurred, you only need to water about once a week.  The soil should be slightly moist, but not too soggy. Sunflowers are both heat and drought tolerant plants.

Sunflowers need full sun and should get about 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. 

Seeds should begin to germinate anywhere between two and three weeks.

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