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Our Story

all-tru-ist chocolates specializes in gourmet dark chocolate truffles that are both deeply satisfying and healthy.  Our decadent truffles have a rich and smooth ganache that is made with just five ingredients and sweetened solely with pure raw honey. We offer five flavors that have been tried and tested to create an indulgent experience as the chocolate melts upon the tongue.  Our chocolates are gluten free, dairy free and soy free.  We have actively researched to source from companies that align with our values and are making conscious choices to engage in sustainable practices.  Our boxes are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.  We are also proud to say that part of every purchase goes towards our friends at                            who are doing incredible things for bee conservation and education.


Doing the right thing feels good! all-tru-ist chocolates satisfy the palate as well as the soul!

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About Us


Jill Craybas is the Founder and Creator of all-tru-ist chocolates.  She is a former professional tennis player turned chocolatier.  Throughout Jill's career she was always known as one of the fittest athletes on tour due to her diligent attention to training and diet.  She did everything in her power to make sure what she was putting into her body was 

constituted with healthy ingredients to benefit her well being and her career.  For 16 years as a professional tennis player, she would travel the world competing in tournaments. As a lover of chocolate, she would take advantage of these travels and was lucky enough to be able to taste all different kinds of chocolate from all over the world.  After retiring in 2013 from the Pro Tour, Jill delved deeper into the chocolate world and took an extensive master chocolatier course from one of the top MOF Pastry Chefs/Chocolatiers from France. Building on that education with a lot of trial and error in her home kitchen, she developed a unique recipe that allows for the ganache filling to be sweetened exclusively with honey.  The result is a decadent, healthy and antioxidant rich chocolate experience. 

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