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Chocolate Sourcing

We use dark chocolate that is fair trade and non-gmo.  Our unsweetened cocoa powder has no sugar, is non-gmo, and is one of only five ingredients in our decadent ganache. The chocolate products we source use sustainable practices and are in direct contact with the farmers. They support good child welfare practices as well as gender equality.

Pure Raw Honey

The honey we source is raw, unfiltered and mild tasting.  The beehives on the farm have been placed in fields that have never been treated with chemicals or toxins.  It is produced from a family of beekeepers that have been making pure honey for eight generations. 

Piece of Honeycomb
Coconut and coconut oil for alternative

Organic Coconut Oil

We use organic coconut that is refined using an organic, natural and clean method.  The oil is mixed with a measured amount of diatomaceous earth which absorbs the color and aroma of the coconut oil.  No chemical bleaches are used and this process removes any metal ions, chlorophyll, or any other components that may affect the oil's stability.

Organic Spices

We use spices that are certified organic, fair trade and kosher. The company is well renowned for their sustainability practices, renewable energy use and green initiatives

Ground Coffee

Local Roasted Coffee

After an extensive search to find coffee bean sources, we fell in love with the taste and the freshness of a local, handmade coffee producer. The company works in direct trade and makes a conscious effort to meet the farmers producing the beans.  We freshly grind a measured amount of these aromatic beans before each batch of coffee truffles that we make.

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